Semester 1: Episode 5

A Proof Point School In ABQ’s South Valley (with Jade Rivera)

Jade Rivera, Founder and Executive director of Albuquerque Collegiate Charter School, joins us to discuss what led her to start a high performing school in Albuquerque’s South Valley. Jade shares more about the excellent results her school has achieved, especially in early literacy and what she believes is possible for New Mexico students. Jade also shares with listeners tips for school enrollment season and reviews the process and timing for charter school applications.

Semester 1: Episode 4

What I Knew to Do Was Entirely Wrong (with Bella Chandler)

Bella Chandler, kindergarten teacher at S.Y. Jackson Elementary in Albuquerque, NM shares her vulnerable journey to learning about the Science of Reading and how it completely changed the way she teaches reading in her classroom. 14 years into her career, Bella realized that everything she knew to do was wrong. After lots of training Bella is now seeing phenomenal results in her classroom and believes New Mexico can dramatically improve literacy rates across the state if we adopt the Science of Reading.

Semester 1: Episode 3

Leading Change in Your Hometown (with Matthew Montano)

Matthew Montano, Superintendent of Bernalillo Public Schools has been leading his hometown school district for a year and half. In this episode he chats with us about the challenges of taking over the leadership of an underperforming school district, how it feels to lead in his hometown and so much more.

Semester 1: Episode 2

Bringing Educational Excellence Back Home (with Danielle Gonzales)

Danielle Gonzales, APS board member, has dedicated her career to improving education across the county. Recently, she moved home to put her experiences to use where it matters most, her hometown. Danielle is a proud product of APS and earned her Master’s in Education from the University of Notre Dame. In this episode she shares more about her personal and professional experiences, why she decided to come home and run for the school board, and the work happening to improve student outcomes at APS, including the district’s new strategic plan.
Amanda Aragon is the Executive Director of New MexicoKidsCAN. Amanda was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM and grew up surrounded by a large and close-knit extended family. Upon graduation from Rio Rancho High School, Amanda left New Mexico to attend the University of Tulsa. There she obtained a degree in international business and Spanish, becoming the first person in her family to graduate from college.

Semester 1: Episode 1

Reaching for the Stars (with Yasine Armstrong)

Yasine Armstrong, vice-chair of the Sidney Gutierrez Charter School governing board – has an incredible array of professional experiences which includes everything from working for Former Governor Bill Richardson to co-launching her own company, BabyPage. Yasine is also incredibly involved in the community and is passionate about improving New Mexico’s education system. In this episode she shares more about the incredible work of Sidney Gutierrez Charter School and why she believes this public charter school in Roswell, NM can serve as an example of what is possible for all New Mexico students.