Amanda is the founding executive director of NewMexicoKidsCAN and an alumna of the 50CAN Education Advocacy Fellowship. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Just this morning, a bill to raise teacher pay died in the House Education Committee after a party-line vote of 7 to 6, denying our public school educators the investment they deserve.

Click here to call your lawmakers right now and let them know what you think about their decision to support or oppose HB 310.

HB 310 would have:

  • Increased the starting salary of Level 1 teachers by $4,000, to $38,000
  • Increased the starting salary of Level 2 teachers by $2,000, to $44,000
  • Increased the starting salary of Level 3 teachers by $2,000, to $54,000
  • Provided a 2.5 percent raise for all licensed school staff
  • Provided a 2 percent raise for all non-licensed school staff
  • Established a $5 million fund for school districts to use for teacher recruitment

Here’s how committee members voted:

  • Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard (D) – Oppose
  • Representative Andrés Romero (D) – Oppose
  • Representative Alonzo Baldonado (R) – Support
  • Representative Jim Dines (R) – Support
  • Representative Jimmie Hall (R) – Support
  • Representative Jim Little (R) – Support
  • Representative Dennis Roch (R) – Support
  • Representative  Tomás Salazar (D) – Oppose
  • Representative  Debra Sariñana (D) – Oppose
  • Representative James Smith (R) – Support
  • Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D) – Oppose
  • Representative Christine Trujillo (D) – Oppose
  • Representative Linda Trujillo (D) – Oppose

Do you agree with your lawmaker’s vote? Make a quick call right now to let them know your thoughts, because our voices matter in the creation of policies that impact New Mexico classrooms.

Thanks for all you do.


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